Jo Quirk Art & Ceramics

Jo Quirk is an artist based in Melbourne Australia. Nature is her playground and inspiration. If something lives and breathes it is quite possibly an inspiration for her work. She divides her time rather randomly between ceramic art and two dimensional art forms including digital work. Ceramics range from small delicate porcelain forms to larger stoneware sculptural forms. Many have an element of humour or some obtuse thinking behind them. She has a mission to save the earth from plastic, one ceramic object at a time. Her kiln is solar power assisted and she practises safe health and environmental habits in her studio and home as second nature. Her vegetable garden is a testament to her " eat local" philosophy.  By selling online she hopes that her products only make one journey in their lifetimes saving on carbon kilometres. She welcomes feedback especially gushy praise but also hopes to solve any issues with customer dissatisfaction promptly and fairly.

She can also be found on Instagram @crankyceramics , on Facebook as Cranky Ceramics and for a matching set she also writes a blog Cranky